Procedural is a useful tool for documenting and repeating your valued processes. By having a clear checklist in place, it can guide you in your day-to-day practices and help you internalize them as new habits. Additionally, once you have a well-documented and repeatable process, it becomes easier to share with others who may need to replicate the same process.

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Focus on those problems you can handle it.

Our mental flaws like poor memory, lack of attention, and lack of thoroughness make it hard to keep up with the digital world's complexity. It's important to stay focused on the problems that you can effectively handle. By prioritizing the issues that you have the ability and resources to solve, you can avoid getting overwhelmed and improve your chances of success.

Focus on your step by step procedural.

To make practicing easier, we should simplify the steps and make them clear, explicit, and verifiable so that there are no obstacles in the way.

Focus on practice not recall.

The complexity of our environment can lead individuals to feel lost, as there are often multiple ways to approach a problem.

Focus on creative not procedure.

Freedom individual from the burden of complexity. Given them a peaceful mind when knowing things are following the procedure. By simplifying the environment and providing individuals with clear procedures to follow, we can help alleviate the burden of complexity and allow them to have a peaceful mind, knowing that they are on the right track and following the correct procedures. This can lead to increased productivity, reduced stress, and a higher quality of work.

Here is a Procedural I used when developing a web app in small teamwork. Open it use the Procedural it will be imported automatically and you can share yours with others in the app.