This app is built on Apple's peer-to-peer communication technology, which allows it to send information directly to other Apple devices via a wireless connection. Once the app is opened, it should automatically join nearby devices and begin receiving information from other users.


As a peer-to-peer network, I've taken inspiration from the decentralized nature of the initial design of the Internet. Rather than requiring connections to every individual peer in the network, I'm using some mechanisms like packet switching to allow users to send message to any connected peer once they are connected to at least one. This will enhance both the delivery rate and the range of the network, making it more effective even when used outside.

Peer List
Msg Relay
Send Msg
Relay Msg
Msg from A


The sending file feature is designed to broadcast the file to all connected peers and any peers that are connected later. And let the peers decide if they want to download the file or not.



As my first attempt to make the app sustainable, the intercom feature allows users to send voice messages to other users. This feature is send the voice message to all connected peers who have enabled the intercom feature. The voice message will be played automatically when received.

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Private Message

The private message feature is designed to send a message to a specific peer. The history will be store on the device. They may the core user of the app who pruchased this feature.


Why build this app

During the pandemic, we are faced with a lot of uncertainty. Tragedy can occur when people are unable to reach each other and share important information or warnings about potential danger. This is especially frustrating when people are close by but unable to communicate. In today's advanced technological era, it should not be so difficult to reach others and establish communication.

After giving it some thought, I've decided to start building an app that can send data from one device to another without requiring an account or internet service. It reminds me of the LAN messaging applications on PC that have disappeared, possibly due to the difficulty of profitability. However, this is not a problem for an independent developer! This is just the beginning, and there are some fundamental problems that need to be resolved. First, how can I make the app sustainable in the long-term? Secondly, how can one user notify another that a message has been sent and is waiting to be received? These are challenges that I will need to tackle as I continue building the app, but I'm excited to see what solutions I can come up with.

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